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hprints is a free Open Access research repository and part of HAL which has existed since 2000. HAL is run by the French research council CNRS and contains more than 130,000 documents. About 17% of the documents connect to subjects within social science and the arts and humanities.

How to upload a document

Login by pressing the "Login" icon at the top-right. Chose e.g. "A document with fulltext" under the heading "Submit". Find your area of research using the "domain list" to add a subject. For the reminder of the form, fill out as many fields as possible and click "Next step". The form should be self-explanatory.

Additionally, you will be asked to state your affiliation (institution): If your home institute is non-french, it is likely that you will have to add it. Please use the official English names, e.g. "University of Copenhagen" etc.

General use of hprints

There is no need to register, if you just want to browse hprints for research material, download material, or if you want to receive RSS feeds from hprints. All these functions are independent of registration.

However, if you are considering depositing or submitting a research document to hprints, you should register first. Registration is also necessary if you want to receive notification emails about newly deposited documents, e.g. weekly, on specific topics.


You can read about the RSS options, by clicking on the RSS icon to the top-right on the hprints website. A suitable URL for setting up an RSS feed for arts- and humanities could e.g. be the following


Add this URL to your RSS feed reader which could be e.g. your mail programme, internet browser or a standalone reader such as Feedreader.

You can read more about RSS e.g. at Wikipedia.

How to register

In order to register, go to hprints and chose "Register" under the "Submit" heading: and the registration page. Fill out the form and press "Create". Hereby, your basic registration is completed. To login, press the "Login" icon at the top-right in hprints.

How to get email news from hprints

Go to HAL and login by pressing the "Login" icon at the top-right. Chose "My subscriptions" under the "My space" heading. Here you can set up an email notification for one or more subjects, but default is one subject called "Sub. 1" (top left under "required fields").

  • In the "Instance" field you chose from which instance of hprints you want to be notified about newly deposited documents
  • In the "Frequency" field you chose how often you want to receive the email list, e.g. "weekly"
  • "Document type" could be e.g. "new articles"
  • The "subject" field contains more specifically the topic that you are interested in: Click the button "Domain list". This opens a new window, from which you may add the topics that you are interested in. Click the "+" to expand the domains into topics
  • Additionally you may also add specific words that you are interested in, from e.g. the author or title fields.

Lastly, press "Update". This completes setting up your email notification list.

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